What Surfaces Is Floor Testing Good for?

Floor surfaces are not usually something we think about until there is a problem. A trip or slip is all it takes for floors to get our full attention. That is why some people try to think ahead and get their floors tested. The goal is to avoid all potential hazards, from spills or wear and tear. It is also important to make sure you are installing a durable product, and if it’s a commercial floor, you definitely want to make sure you are meeting the required specifications. If you are unsure, contact a company to come out and do some floor testing. You can also ask your installation company about floor testing before the initial installation. Floor testing is good for playground surfaces, carpets, and tile surfaces.

Playground Surfaces

To ensure the safety of all children and their parents you will want to have your new playground surface tested. It’s best You will want to test surfaces that have rubber tiles, poured rubber, engineered wood fiber, and playground rubber mulch. You want to make sure your surfaces protect kids from head injuries in case of a fall. If you need your playground surface tested, you should contact a floor testing company and they will bring out the proper equipment to your site and test the surface to make sure it meets the standard playground surface specifications.


Some carpets seem to last forever while others may look like they are under heavy wear and tear with just a little foot traffic. Today’s carpets are created with material that is really difficult to wear out according to its warranty. With testing a carpet floor, the carpet testing expert can come out and make sure that the carpet fibers are intact and also test the amount of foot traffic the carpet is really able to receive.

Tile Floors

Tile surfaces are also good surfaces to test. Your main concern for tile surfaces is making sure they are slip resistant. Preventing slip and falls can save owners a lot of money in potential lawsuits. Sometimes floors aren’t tested until after a slip and fall happens, but floor material can be tested as early as in the lab. Save yourself the trouble and get your floors tested prior to installation so you don’t have to test and replace later on. You want to pick the best surfaces to keep your floor as durable and safe as possible. On site your floor can be tested against several situations such dry, wet with water or wet with other substances such grease or oil. Stay ahead of slip and falls by having floor slip resistance testing done.

Floor testing can be a very important part of your new installations. It is best to get your floor tested prior to installation, however if you already have your floor installed it can still be tested. The best surfaces to check for durability and safety include playground surfaces, carpets and tile floors. Get your floor tested today and be able to avoid or plan for replacement.