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Concrete X-rays – Diverse Uses

To many people, X-rays refer to the use of radiation beams to see what is inside a human body. This implies that many people view it only in application to human anatomy. It is however good to note that the term can also be used to refer to a similar process but done in other industries. A good example is how X-rays are applicable to the construction industry. In this context, X-rays refer to the use of rays to establish anomalies in concrete slabs. Such rays used in concrete work are called concrete x-rays.

So, what are concrete X-rays? The term refers to the use of gamma rays on concrete surfaces to establish what is inside. Any foreign objects unwanted in the concrete surface are then identified. Objects such as rebar and tension cables can be noticed this way. Such objects can lead to weakness in the concrete slab hence the need to locate and remove them.

Industrial radiography encompasses many things including concrete X-rays. The process of locating unwanted materials inside concrete walls and surfaces was very manual and tedious before discovery of concrete X-rays. This was costly because repairing damages after finding no fault was not only tiresome but expensive. With concrete X-rays you do not have to actually destroy any part of the concrete structure. Best application is usually in slabs that are suspended and walls that are to be renovated.

In modern days where much technology equipment may pass inside or near concrete walls, concrete X-rays also work magic. Telecommunication and electricity apparatus do pass through concrete walls sometimes. Same as cable televisions and traffic lights cables. By using concrete X-rays it is possible to locate such equipment and cables within walls without causing any damage. This is called utility location.

Utility location is done very frequently in the United States in a bid to ensure that cables are in good condition and to ensure safety of people. Utility location in Los Angeles for instance is done both day and night and very frequently to guarantee safety of utilities and in extension people. The case is the same for concrete surfaces in Irvine, California. Utility location has been taken up by both government agencies and private companies in a bid to handle infrastructure efficiently and professionally.

Concrete X-ray technology works just like other X-rays. A projection of the inside of the slab is cast on another surface. It is this projection that shows what is inside the slab. By using the rays, one can identify any objects within the concrete surface. You require two people to efficiently take concrete X-rays. By working on opposite sides of the concrete slab they ensure that nothing inhibits capturing of the image. Much as concrete X-rays are expensive, when used for large scale application they are very affordable.

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