When Technology Hears A Gunshot, It Has A Certain Ring to It


Did you hear that? When you hear a car backfire are you sure it was a car? It sure sounded like a gunshot. Many calls to 911 are false alarms for gunfire, or perhaps what was thought to be gunfire but is never determined. The more frightening reality is that it does turn out to be an active shooter, but the location is difficult to pin down.

Technology is making headway in determining what is happening when it comes to illegal gunfire. Gun violence is an unfortunate reality that cannot be ignored, and now there is help. Brilliant technology has been developed to listen to what is going on in and around public and private locations all around the nation. Gunshot detection systems are a groundbreaking technology that can zero in on the exact location a firearm has been discharged. This innovative system is fully connected and integrated into communication …