Lookup application or applications in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Use this form when you at present reside in Canada (Canadian citizens, permanent residents or those at present learning in Canada on a pupil allow or other visa) or you’re a Canadian citizen residing elsewhere (not in Canada) and you aren’t currently attending an Ontario secondary school in a daytime program of examine.application

Examples of an application embody a phrase processor , a spreadsheet , an accounting application , an online browser , a media participant , an aeronautical flight simulator , a console game or a photo editor The collective noun application software program refers to all applications collectively.

The distinction when studying methods to write a job transfer request letter is that the ball isn’t all the time in your court; underneath optimal conditions, your company might be actively trying to fill a place, and your switch is more like an inner application than a personal request.

You may provide confidential data on this manner and fix related documentation (e.g. medical certificates, letters of support, and so forth.) that you simply wish to be considered during our evaluation of your application for admission.application

When you enter the required biographic, journey, and payment information on the secure Web site, your application is processed by the system to find out if you’re eligible to journey to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program and not using a visa.application